Fitzgerald Bay, SA

Day 2 - 18th Feb 2011
Fitzgerald Bay, SA

Cracked a windscreen on day 2 – Awesome – just after Port Augusta on the Eyre Highway a truck spat a rock into our windscreen, on a bitumen road - can you believe it.

Absolutely poured all day as we travelled to Fitzgerald Bay, 50mm fell across the Eyre Peninsula- good day to be driving.

Visited Snowtown and Port Germein (Australia’s longest wooden jetty) along the way.

Well we spent our first night in the van at Fitzgerald Bay Campsite (no. 662 in the Camps book).  Pulled up along the water edge with views of the coast as we sat and tucked into some good old spaghetti bolognaise – this is the life.

Port Germein

Cooking tea

Fitzgerald Bay

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