Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

Day 153 – 19th July 2011
Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

We left early morning to do the long walk to Smitt’s Rock (24km return – 7.5h). Smitt’s Rock offers nice views of the 4th and 5th gorge. As the river here gets blocked from the lower river by rocky parts, we were able to go for a swim as this area has been checked and declared salties-free (a few freshies do live here but if you don’t intimidate them they are fine as they feed on fish – not humans).  Smitt’s Rock is a great spot to camp overnight if you decide to walk onto Eighth Gorge (8km further south). Camping is right in the gorge on the sandy bank, very peaceful. We got back at the caravan park by 3pm so relaxed the remainder of the afternoon at the swimming pool. 


Smitt Rock Walk

Scenery along the way to Smitt Rock

View of Forth Gorge

Destination in sight

Smitt Rock Beach

Fifth Gorge

Where is Andrew?

Fifth Gorge

Having lunch

Andrew cooling down before we walk back -
zoom in to have a closer look

Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

Day 152 – 18th July 2011
Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

As the river hasn’t been “opened” yet to the public, we unfortunately couldn’t hire any kayaks which would have been our preferred way of exploring the Katherine Gorge along the river. Instead we did the touristy thing and went on an organized 3 gorges river cruise (4h) this morning. The first gorge is nice but it gets more spectacular in the second gorge. In the third gorge they moored the boat and after a short walk we were able to go for a dip in Lily Ponds, a croc-free swimming hole with waterfall – very nice. After lunch we did the Windolf Walk, which offers nice views of the lower Katherine Gorge from Pat’s Lookout. We walked back to the campsite via the Baruwei Lookout. A refreshing swim was a must as it was pretty hot on the escarpment this afternoon (temperatures are about 10 degrees hotter there than on the river).

Lots of bats


Katherine Gorge Cruise

First Gorge

Freshy sunbaking

When kayaking you are not allowed to climb the bank here
as this is a crocodile nesting area. They lay their eggs only
20 cm under the sand so one foot can destroy a whole nest.
End of the First Gorge
You need to walk from 1 boat to the other as there are rock bars
View back on the First Gorge

View of the Second Gorge
Second Gorge

Second Gorge

Lily Ponds

Nele having a natural shower

Third Gorge

View from Pat's Lookout

View from Baruwei Lookout

View of 17 Mile Valley

Walking down from Burawei Lookout

Andrew playing the guitar

Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

Day 151 – 17th July 2011
Katherine Gorge Campsite, Nitmiluk National Park, NT

This morning we drove to Nitmiluk NP, 30km East of Katherine. We booked in at the campsite with a special offer of pay 2 nights and get the 3rd one free. Yeah! as this NP’s campsite is really a caravan park and there are no other camping options. After lunch we did the Butterfly Gorge walk (12km return – 3.5h), a nice walk passing through rocky woodland before entering a gorge with rainforest vegetation where we saw lots of insects and of course butterflies. The gorge ends at the Katherine River where, as the latter has not yet been declared croc free this dry season, swimming was not an option. Therefore upon our return to the caravan park we went for a dip in the swimming pool.

Katherine River still closed for swimming, Nitmiluk NP

Scenery on the escarpment

Rocky woodlands

Butterfly Gorge walk

Dragon Fly

He's staring at me

Rainforest in Butterfly Gorge

View of Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge

Katherine Gorge

High cliffs

A refreshing swim

Relaxing by the pool

A wallaby

Riverview Caravan Park, Katherine, NT

Day 150 – 16th July 2011
Riverview Caravan Park, Katherine, NT

This morning we gave the bikes a wash before packing them away – ready for the Greyhound trip to Adelaide. In the afternoon we drove to town to drop off the bikes at the local Greyhound agent but to our surprise they were shut (closed at 1pm on Saturdays – I guess we are in the country). So we are stuck with the boxes for a bit longer :-(. We returned to the Katherine museum as we hadn’t quite finished the whole exhibit the other day and they were so kind –and used to it- to give us a complimentary entry pass. Afterwards we did the grocery shopping and relaxed at the caravan park.

This is what it has come to - foraging through rubbish :-)
Nele collecting old bike boxes from Toyworld
Andrew collecting foam for the bike boxes
Katherine main street
Katherine Sunday Markets
The first Flying Doctors Plane used by Dr Clyde Fenton
Katherine Museum

Sydney Williams Hut -thousands of these prefabricated corrugated huts were brought in pre WWII
Katherine Museum

1998 flood levels - take a closer look

Katherine 1998 flood

Katherine sense of humour

Nele is craving some Belgium sausages - now she can make her own