Riverview Caravan Park, Katherine, NT

Day 150 – 16th July 2011
Riverview Caravan Park, Katherine, NT

This morning we gave the bikes a wash before packing them away – ready for the Greyhound trip to Adelaide. In the afternoon we drove to town to drop off the bikes at the local Greyhound agent but to our surprise they were shut (closed at 1pm on Saturdays – I guess we are in the country). So we are stuck with the boxes for a bit longer :-(. We returned to the Katherine museum as we hadn’t quite finished the whole exhibit the other day and they were so kind –and used to it- to give us a complimentary entry pass. Afterwards we did the grocery shopping and relaxed at the caravan park.

This is what it has come to - foraging through rubbish :-)
Nele collecting old bike boxes from Toyworld
Andrew collecting foam for the bike boxes
Katherine main street
Katherine Sunday Markets
The first Flying Doctors Plane used by Dr Clyde Fenton
Katherine Museum

Sydney Williams Hut -thousands of these prefabricated corrugated huts were brought in pre WWII
Katherine Museum

1998 flood levels - take a closer look

Katherine 1998 flood

Katherine sense of humour

Nele is craving some Belgium sausages - now she can make her own

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