Bark Hut Inn Caravan Park, NT

Day 136 – 2nd July 2011
Bark Hut Inn Caravan Park, NT

This morning we drove to Adelaide River Crossing to board a Jumping Crocodile Cruise. Jumping out of the water to grab prey is actually natural behaviour for crocs, usually it would be to take surprised birds or animals from overhanging branches only this time it was some nice looking pork. We got to see some BIG crocs – up to 6m long, the big male in the area is called Agro.  After the jumping crocodile circus we visited the Window on the Wetlands Visitor Centre and continued on to Mary River Crossing to have a look at the Mary River. We decided to spend the night at the Bark Hut Inn Caravan Park and enjoyed the afternoon with a refreshing swim in the swimming pool.

a friendly jumping croc

Adelaide River

local resident

enticing the crocs to jump

what a smile

crocs lower their body so they are able to jump

jumping croc

look at those teeth


an easy snack for the croc

another cruise boat feeding Agro (5.5m long croc) - Massive
I'm glad we're in a bigger boat

feeding Agro
keep your arms well inside the boat

feeding Agro
their bite has the pressure of around 2 tonnes - there's no escape

Hawk (known as a Kite in the NT)




Adelaide River Queen Cruise
we watched the crocs from upstairs

make sure you're loaded with repellant

view from 'Windows on the Wetlands'

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