Albert Tognolini Rest Area, WA (280km South of Port Hedland)

Day 100 – 27th May 2011
Albert Tognolini Rest Area, WA (280km South of Port Hedland)

From the Dales Day Use area we followed the rim of the gorge from Circular Pool lookout to the Fortescue Falls lookout where we descended the steps down to the bottom of Dales gorge. We continued on to Fern Pool where we had a refreshing morning swim. Afterwards we retraced our steps to the falls and followed the creek side trail to Circular Pool. We decided not to go for a swim as this pool was still in the shade so it would have been pretty cold! Climbed back up to Circular Pool lookout where we started the walk. After lunch we decided to have one more swim before leaving Karijini NP so we walked back to Fortescue Falls.

Tips for visiting Karijini NP:
  1. Be prepared to travel on some reasonably corrugated roads.
  2. If you are thinking of doing an organised tour, look into it first thing. Also they only leave from the Eco Retreat not Dales campground.
  3. Hancock and Weano are the more spectacular gorges and have the more adventurous walks.
Circular Pool Lookout, Karijini NP

Dales Gorge, Karijini NP

Dales Gorge, Karijini NP

Fortescue Falls Lookout, Karijini NP


Nele in big tree

Fern Pool, Karijini NP

Fern Pool Waterfall


Fortescue Falls

Dales Gorge Walk

Dales Gorge

Having a rest

Circular Pool

Fortescue Falls

Fortescue Falls Pool

Albert Tognolini Rest Area Lookout

Dales Campground, Karijini National Park, WA

Day 99 – 26th May 2011
Dales Campground, Karijini National Park, WA

It was a cold night but we woke up to a beautiful day. After breakfast we drove to Knox Gorge where we had a steep descent into the gorge but the remainder of the walk was easy compared to yesterday’s walks. An organised tour group was in front of us and at the point where class 6 started and we had to turn back, they continued through the narrow gorge. They were fully equipped with rock climbing and abseiling gear and also some tubes for “swimming” through Red Gorge. It sounded like an exciting tour to do so maybe a little bit disappointed that we didn’t, but we’ll keep it in mind for next time. Or maybe we should get our accreditation and after a chat to the ranger you can do it yourself, as the organized tour is not cheap. Afterwards we drove back to Joffre Falls and walked down this gorge to the waterfall. Next stop was Kalamina Falls, where we had lunch. This gorge is less “dramatic” but still a pretty walk. Dropped into the visitor centre on our way to Dales campground, very busy place as we are back on sealed road so it is easily accessible and a lot of people prefer to camp here.
Knox Gorge Lookout, Karijini NP

Knox Gorge walk
Knox Gorge walk

Knox Gorge class 6 trail start
Organized group is continuing class 6 trail

Joffre Falls, Karijini NP

Joffre Gorge walk

Joffre Gorge

Joffre Gorge

Kalamina Gorge, Karijini NP

Kalamina Gorge walk

Kalamina Falls

Kalamina Falls Pool

Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, WA

Day 98 – 25th May 2011
Karijini Eco Retreat, Karijini National Park, WA

We drove to the Weano day use area where we first went for a walk to the Junction Pool and Oxer Lookouts. At Oxer lookout you can view 4 gorges come together (Weano, Hancock, Joffre and Red Gorge). Junction Pool lookout has views into Hancock Gorge. Here there is also a memorial for an SES rescue worker that died in a flash flood during the rescue of a tourist in one of the gorges in 2004. Flash flooding can occur when it’s raining so it’s advised to leave the gorges immediately if it starts raining. Afterwards we walked the Weano Gorge Trail. It starts easy with a nice ridge walk and then descending into the gorge where you have to cross the creek several times. Then the pools start getting a bit deeper so you have to wade through them, until eventually you get to a point where you have to get wet as they are chest deep so wear your bathers! The water is very cold so take a towel and jumper with you. Handrail Pool is the end of the walk as it turns into a class 6 trail after for which you need a permit as it involves abseiling and rock climbing. Had a nice cup of soup for lunch to warm up before heading out for another walk into Hancock Gorge. This walk starts with a steep descent down the cliff until you get to a ladder which takes you to the bottom of the gorge. We had to wade through the water (knee height) to get to the Amphitheatre from where you do the spider walk to get to Kermits Pool – from here the walk turns into class 6. Headed back to the Karijini Eco Retreat to relax for the remainder of the afternoon.
Junction Pool Lookout, Karijini NP

Oxer Lookout, Karijini NP

Weano Gorge, Karijini NP

Weano Gorge walk

Wading through the first pool

Gorge is getting narrower

Way to Handrail Pool

Handrail Pool, Weano Gorge

Pools are getting deeper

Waterfall at class 6 trail start

Weano Gorge class 6 trail start

Way back to Handrail Pool

Handrail Pool

Climbing back up from Handrail Pool

Hancock Gorge, Karijini NP

Another pool to wade through

Spider Walk

Hancock Gorge

Having a rest

Hancock Gorge with view on Kermits Pool

Hancock Gorge

Spider walk back


Hancock Gorge

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