Seaside Tourist Village Caravan Park, Denham, WA

Day 80 – 7th May 2011
Seaside Tourist Village Caravan Park, Denham, WA

Left early morning for the long drive to Denham in the World Heritage Shark Bay. Stopped at Hamelin Pool for a walk to the Stromatolites (living fossils) and beautiful Shell Beach made up of countless tiny cockle shells for a swim. At Eagle Bluff Lookout, one of the best places in Shark Bay to view marine life, we spotted a stingray. Usually a good place to see sharks (as the Shark Bay name suggests) but they must of had a day off, as we couldn’t see any. In Denham we set up camp at the caravan park and had a walk around town. Some of the town’s buildings are made with blocks of shells which were once quarried at Shell Beach. Finished the day with a run and a swim. After dinner we walked back to town as The Shark Bay Annual Fishing Fiesta was on with a live country band playing so we had to check this out.

Stromatolites at Hamelin Pool, Shark Bay

Hamelin Pool

Hamelin Pool

Shell quarry at Hamelin Pool

Shell Beach, Shark Bay

Shell Beach, Shark Bay

Lots of tiny shells

A smiley face

Another smiley face

Shark Bay Lookout

Eagle Bluff Lookout

View from Eagle Bluff Lookout

Built with blocks made entirely of shells

Sunset at Denham

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