Peoples Park, Coral Bay, WA

Day 84 – 11th May 2011
Peoples Park, Coral Bay, WA

Drove back into Carnarvon to do some grocery shopping, fill up with fuel & water and take a photo of the Big Banana. Decided to give the Kennedy Ranges and Mt August (biggest monolith in Australia – mistakenly people believe Uluru is the biggest) a miss as distances to get there are not small and most roads into these parks are unsealed so a 4W drive is advised. Also on the list for next trip! Continued on to Coral Bay with a photo stop at the Tropic of Capricorn. Coral Bay is snorkelling heaven in the Ningaloo Reef and also when in season – April to July - to go swimming with the whale sharks. In Coral Bay we set up camp in the caravan park and went for a look around the bay with a snorkel and a swim – this area is very much worth the visit.

Big Banana at Carnarvon

We filled up with water!

Gascoyne River, pretty dry now but in wet season overflowing

Tropic of Capricorn

Snorkelling at Coral Bay

Beach babe :-)

Coral Bay - can you spot Andrew?

Sunset at Coral Bay


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