Sandy Cape Campsite, WA (near Jurien Bay)

Day 74 – 1st May 2011
Sandy Cape Campsite, WA (near Jurien Bay)

Drove to Lancelin where we had a look around town and the inland sand dunes where the locals were showing their skills, jumping over the dunes on their cross-country motorbikes.
Moved on to Nambung NP known for the Pinnacles. Went for a walk along the Pinnacles desert first before driving the van along the scenic drive.
Continued on to Cervantes where we had lunch at Thirsty Point. After lunch visited Jurien Bay where we went for a walk on the curved jetty. Camped at Sandy Cape Reserve. Had a nice walk and a swim late afternoon.

Lancelin beach

Lancelin Dunes - dune jumping

Lancelin Dunes - sandboarding

Lancelin Dunes

Pinnacles, Nambung NP

Pinnacles scenic drive

Pinnacles desert

Where is Nele?

Where is Andrew?


Jurien Bay

Sandy Cape

Sandy Cape beach

Sandy Cape sunset

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