Lakeside Campsite, Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, WA

Day 89– 16th May 2011
Lakeside Campsite, Cape Range National Park, Exmouth, WA

Decided to move north to another campsite within the NP called Lakeside so we could explore this area for the day.  We packed up early and headed to the Lakeside campsite, we had to be there by 9am due to the complex booking system here (our friendly camp hosts called the Lakeside camp hosts early morning to reserve us a campsite  - once you’re in the NP it appears as if you get preference if you want to transfer to another campground to those waiting at the entrance to get an available spot, but you have to be there early – too bad if you want to take your time having a look along the way – it’s just the rules so you have to back track).  Once we settled in we went for a walk along the beach and had a snorkel and a swim, well Nele did most of the snorkelling (not quite as good as Turquoise Bay yesterday but still saw plenty of fish – Nele even saw a small shark, not sure what kind but not harmful).  Had a nice pear salad with blue cheese for lunch with a mid afternoon snooze – wonderful). From here we went to the visitor centre within the park (lots of interesting information of all the marine life in Ningaloo Reef) and then back to the campsite to enjoy a nice sunset. 

By the way when you are travelling through the NP you will see kangaroos everywhere so take it slowly on the road, we can’t believe the speed limit is 80km, we never did anymore then 50 -60km.  On out way in to the NP (Day 87) a couple of kangaroos jumped straight out in front of us, we were able to break and miss the first one but the second clipped the back of the van near the tail light, luckily we weren’t going too quick by that stage and the kangaroo got up and bounced away (maybe a little dazed) and no damage to the van so it was OK.

Osprey Bay Campsite

Lakeside Campsite

Lakeside Beach

Ranges meet Ocean

Beach near Lakeside

Andrew building a sand castle

It's been raining...
...which attracts kangaroos to the roads


Another kangaroo



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