Denial Bay Jetty Carpark, SA (perfectly legal)

Day 14 – 2nd Mar 2011
Denial Bay Jetty Carpark, SA (perfectly legal)

Streaky Bay – Cape Bauer Loop Drive (Hallys Beach, Whistling Rocks & Blowholes, Cape Bauer)
Haslam – nice quiet little beach, nice spot for s simple holiday shack
Smoky Bay
Wittlebee CP – short walk
Nadias Landing – first camping preference but too windy
Denial Bay – Camped

Whistling Rocks
Haslam Beach
Smoky Bay

Wittlebee CP

Sunset at Denial Bay

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  1. You camped at Denial Bay? You have "Perfectly legal" written there, although I read it's day use only. I was considering risking it anyway, but curious as to why you say perfectly legal?