12 Mile Yards Campsite, Elsey National Park, NT

Day 154 – 20th July 2011
12 Mile Yards Campsite, Elsey National Park, NT

As we were packing up at Katherine Gorge, Nele received a phone call from Maureen (Nele’s hostmum’s sister) and Andy who were actually travelling through Katherine today. We decided to catch up for a coffee. As it turns out we will be travelling to Alice Springs at the same pace so we will catch up again along the way. Afterwards we dropped off the bikes at Greyhound, did the required shopping & refuelling and off we went. Late afternoon we arrived at Mataranka and visited the Bitter Springs Thermal Pools for a nice swim. You can let yourself drift from one end to the other and enjoy the peaceful surroundings while floating in 34 degrees warm water. We had a look at world’s largest man-made termite mound in Mataranka of which the existence is still a mystery to us as you can listen to the local tourist radio station explaining why it is there but we forgot. We set up camp at the 12 Mile Yards campsite in Elsey NP where we attended a ranger campfire talk in the evening and learned about the park’s history and local fauna and flora.

Mataranka, capital of the Never Never

Jeannie and Aeneas Gunn, main characters of the
 "We of the Never Never" novel and movie

Ready for a relaxing swim at the Bitter Springs Thermal pool

Nele drifting in Bitter Springs

Smile for the camera

Bitter Springs thermal pool

World's largest man-made termite mound

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