Tropic of Capricorn Rest Area, NT (30km N of Alice)

Day 157 – 23rd July 2011
Tropic of Capricorn Rest Area, NT (30km N of Alice)

Another big day of driving. After breakfast we took a walk around the Pebbles before driving to Tennant Creek where we visited the old telegraph station, looked at the Jurnkurakurr Mural painted by local Aboriginals and the 1936 corrugated-iron building of Church of Christ the King, walked up Anzac Hill Lookout and drove to Bill Allen Lookout. We stopped at Wycliffe Well to stretch the legs and learn all about the local UFO sightings. Next stop was lunch at Barrow Creek with another Hotel where the walls were covered with banknotes - ringers (shearers) would leave a banknote on the wall with their name on it so that they would have enough for a drink the next time they passed through - and another Overland Telegraph Station to be viewed. At Aileron there was a photo opportunity of the statues of Charlie Quartpot, the Anmatyerre man and his family – don’t know the story behind the statues so might have to find out when we pass through on our way up to Queensland. And finally we pulled up at the Tropic of Capricorn Rest Area for the night.

Getting ready for a morning walk

The Pebbles

Tennant Creek Telegraph Station

Big Allen Lookout

Jurnkurakurr Mural

Church of Christ the King

Aliens at Wycliffe Well

Where is the real alien?

Barrow Creek Telegraph Station

Barrow Creek Hotel

Barrow Creek Hotel

Charlie Quartpot, the Anmatyerre man

Charlie's family

Glen Maggie Homestead

Tropic of Capricorn

Sunset at Tropic of Capricorn

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