Wintersun Caravan Park, Alice Springs, NT

Day 162 – 28th July 2011
Wintersun Caravan Park, Alice Springs, NT

This morning we enjoyed a sleep in and kept ourselves busy with some laundry and cleaning chores. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a nice lunch at Katja’s Kafe, a cute little café in one of Alice’s Todd Mall plazas. In the afternoon we had our new tyres fitted at Beaurepaires but were informed they couldn’t do the wheel alignment as our van is too high and doesn’t fit on their hoist, so we started calling around again and finally managed to get a new appointment for tomorrow. Late afternoon we returned to the caravan park and enjoyed a yummy tea cooked by chef Andrew.

Todd Mall

Todd Mall Plaza
Katja's Kafe

Yummy lunch

Nice bird

and another one

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