Perrys Lookdown Campsite, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

Day 290 – 3rd December 2011
Perrys Lookdown Campsite, Blue Mountains National Park, NSW

This morning we drove to the Conservation Hut in Wentworth Falls Town from where we started our first walk in the Blue Mountains. We took the National Pass and a short detour along the Wentworth Pass to view some other falls, before crossing Wentworth Falls. A steep climb via steps took us to the Wentworth Falls carpark, from where the shortcut track led us back to the Conservation Hut (6km loop – 3.5h). Next we drove to Leura where we had lunch and a quick look at some falls. In the afternoon we went back to Katoomba and walked from Echo Point down Giant Stairway, along Federal Pass to Katoomba Falls base. We had a look at the Scenic Railway – the lazy way to get back to the top-, but decided to walk the Furber Steps up (5km loop – 2h20). Afterwards we drove to Govetts Leap Lookout and Perrys Lookdown in Blackheath, both offering amazing views of the Grose Valley.

Queen Victoria Lookout, National Pass walk

National Pass walk

Empress Falls, Wentworth Pass

Sylvia Falls, Wentworth Pass

Lodore Falls, Wentworth Pass

Wentworth Pass walk

Flat Rock Falls, Wentworth Pass

Back on National Pass walk

Sheer cliffs along the National Pass walk

Scenery along National Pass walk

Scenery along National Pass walk

We've reached the 1/2 way point

Water dripping down the cliffs

Andrew's gotta duck

Eastern water dragon

Climbing up the steps

Ready for the steep climb up the steps

Great views along the walk

Even in 1912 they appreciated the view

Crossing Wentworth Falls

Wenthworth Falls from Fletchers Lookout

Jamison Valley from Fletchers Lookout

Wentworth Falls from Princes Rock Lookout

Good view of the steps we had to climb

Jamison Valley from Princes Rock Lookout

Three Sisters, Echo Point

Walking down the Giant Stairway

Giant Stairway

Federal Pass walk

Katoomba Falls

View from Scenic Railway base
Furber Steps

Look for the yellow scenic skyway

Katoomba Falls

Jamison Valley, Katoomba

We didn't do it but you can also enjoy the views from the scenic skyway

Grose Valley, Govetts Leap Lookout

Govetts Leap Falls

Govetts Leap Lookout

Perrys Lookdown

Perrys Lookdown at sunset

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