Spirit of Tasmania, Bass Strait, VIC-TAS

Day 298 – 11th December 2011
Spirit of Tasmania, Bass Strait, VIC-TAS

This morning we had breakfast at Tim and Fran’s before saying goodbye as we still has some errands to do. We went to Doncaster and Northland Shopping Centres to buy a second camera battery and camera case for Andrew’s camera as one battery won’t last us for the full Overland Track Hike as there is no power along the way to recharge. Afterwards we drove to Port Melbourne where we went for a short stroll along the foreshore before it was time to board the Spirit of Tasmania, our ferry to Tassie. At 7.30pm on the dot we sailed off enjoying great views of Melbourne along the skyline. We had brought nibbles with us for tea so enjoyed these on the top deck whilst watching Melbourne disappear in the distance. Afterwards we enjoyed a glass of wine in the bar and did some blogging. At 10pm we visited the onboard cinema as they were screening ‘The Tree of Life’, but left it midway as we found it very weird and the story didn’t seem to go anywhere. Instead we went to sleep in our recliner seats.

Shopping for the Overland Track Hike



Port Melbourne - waiting to catch the ferry
'Sprit of Tasmania'

Lining up for inspection

All aboard

Ready for departure

Off we go....
Leaving Melbourne & mainland Australia



Slowly creeping away....10hrs to go

Enjoying nibbles for tea
You can still faintly see Melbourne in the background

Sunset, Bass Strait

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