Cable Beach Caravan Park, Broome, WA

Day 105 – 1st June 2011
Cable Beach Caravan Park, Broome, WA

We had to change caravan parks this morning as the Palm Grove is fully booked for the next few days – the high season has started! Went to town to shop before setting up at the Cable Beach Caravan Park with tent so we can enjoy sitting outside without being attacked by mosquitoes.  Late afternoon we drove to Gantheaume Point – home of the 130 million year old Dinosaur footprints (which can only be seen at very low tides) and Anastasia’s Pool, a small pool carved in the rock for a former lighthouse keeper’s arthritic wife. 

Dinosaur footprint

Dinosaur footprints

Gantheaume Point

Anastasia's Pool, Gantheaume Point

View of Cable Beach from Gantheaume Point

Gantheaume Point Lighthouse

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