Malak Caravan Park, Darwin, NT

Day 131 – 27th June 2011
Malak Caravan Park, Darwin, NT

This morning we had to do some errands in the city and enjoyed a nice tapas lunch with Sangria. In the afternoon we went for a sightseeing walk to the Parliament House, the Darwin Waterfront Precinct with the interesting Wave Lagoon, a pool creating waves so Darwin residents can also enjoy the waves (as it’s not advised to go swimming in the sea with the crocodile and stingers danger), Stokes Hill Wharf and several heritage buildings along Smith Street. We went out for a delicious dinner to Hanuman, Darwin’s top fine-dining restaurant, to celebrate Nele’s birthday.

Tapas lunch

Parliament House

Government House

Wharf precinct

Wave Lagoon

Penguin art

Stokes Hill Wharf

This bridge rises with the water level

Old Town Hall Ruins

Brown's Mart Theatre

Delicious birthday dinner

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