Douglas River Esplanade Conservation Area, NT

Day 125 – 21st June 2011
Douglas River Esplanade Conservation Area, NT

In the morning we had a look at the historic Springvale Homestead, the oldest cattle station in the Northern Territory. After shopping and refuelling in Katherine we drove to the Douglas River Esplanade CP. Unfortunately the nearby Tjwaliyn (Douglas) Hot Springs Park and Butterfly Gorge Nature Park were still closed, as they seem a great place to camp and relax. Instead we went for a walk along the Douglas River to view “The Arches” and rapids.

Springvale Homestead

Water lilies

The Arches, Douglas River Esplanade

Swimming Waterhole at Douglas River Esplanade


Andrew waiting to catch the branch left
in the tree after the wet season

Our campsite near the river

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