Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

Day 112 – 8th June 2011
Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

This morning we booked the 4WD, organized van storage for our 4WD treck and went shopping for an esky. Got some more information from the visitor information centre so we can plan our trip a bit more as we have now decided to also visit the El Questro Wilderness Park on the Gibb River Road. Set up camp at the caravan park and relaxed in the afternoon (including a compulsory swim to cool off as it’s quite hot up here!).

Diversion Dam, Kununurra

For a moment we thought they were on to us

Sleeping Buddha - Lily Creek Lagoon, Kununurra

Campsite with a view

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