Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

Day 121 – 17th June 2011
Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

This morning we went for some short walks in Mirima National Park just out of Kununurra. After lunch we went food shopping, ready to move on tomorrow, and kept ourselves busy updating the blog for the past week – there are too many photos to choose from.  Sat down to a nice meal of pan fried chicken with creamy mushroom sauce accompanied with mash potato glazed honey carrots and Nele’s favourite apple sauce on the side.

Debre-Gerring Banan Lookout, Mirima NP

View over Kununurra, Mirima NP 
Debre-Gerring Banan Lookout Trail, Mirima NP

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