Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

Day 119 – 15th June 2011
Kimberleyland Holiday Park, Kununurra, WA

Today another early start as we had to pack up and return to Kununurra to drop off the 4WD by 1pm. On the way back we drove up to Wyndham to have a look at the Grotto, big crocodile and visit the 5 rivers lookout (Forrest, Pentecost, Durack, King and Ord Rivers). We travelled back along the old Kununurra road (4WD track) which provides nice scenery and had a quick stop at Mambi Island Boat ramp and Black Rock Falls. There were other attractions along the way (Marlgu Billabong, Middle Springs and Valentine Springs) but we unfortunately had to give them a miss due to time restrictions. Back in Kununurra we dropped off the 4WD and went out for lunch.  Afterwards Andrew, who was feeling energetic, gave the van a clean whilst Nele did the laundry. We are almost ready to travel on!

Fuel tip:  We’re glad we filled up at Wyndham where diesel was $1.62 compared to $1.85 at Kununurra – Wyndham is further north, more isolated and the fuel trucks actually have to pass through Kununurra to get to Wyndham so go figure, I think it’s because Kununurra is a base for travellers – similar to Broome as Fitzroy Crossing and Halls Creek also had cheaper fuel yet these towns are more isolated with less people.  We have found this scenario come up numerous times in northern WA where places that are isolated and off the main highways have cheaper fuel yet the trucks have to travel further to deliver the fuel.

Gibb River Road - dust from oncoming road train - slow down

Leaving the Gibb River road - we'll be back to the whole 647km

The Grotto

The Grotto

Aboriginal artwork - Wyndhum

5 Rivers Lookout, Wyndham

5 Rivers Lookout, Wyndham

5 Rivers Lookout, Wyndham

The 'Big Crocodile', Wyndham

Boab city - Old Kununurra Rd (4WD track)

Bird with snake for dinner - we saw this fly off just after catching the snake, wish we got a photo a little earlier

More birds, Old Kununurra Rd

and more birds, Old Kununurra Rd

Old Kununura Rd - scenery

Mambi Island Boat ramp - don't get too close to the water, you never know what's lurking

cattle, Old Kununurra Rd

Black Rock Falls, Old Kununurra Rd

Sunset at Lilly Creek Lagoon, Kimberlyland Holiday Park

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