Mary Pool Rest Area, WA (108km West of Halls Creek)

Day 110 – 6th June 2011
Mary Pool Rest Area, WA (108km West of Halls Creek)

We hit the road early morning as we wanted to be at Geike Gorge, just out of Fitzroy Crossing, in time for the 11am boat cruise. The cruise is run by DEC and takes you crocodile spotting (freshies) past the eastern and western walls of the gorge. It’s amazing to see where the water level of the Fitzroy River comes up to during the wet season. Also at the Gazebo /“ticket office” some photos showed the flood levels of 2002 and 2011 - up to 1m above the roof of the gazebo! If you have your own boat there is a launching facility so you can cruise the river yourself.  After a quick stop in Fitzroy Crossing for lunch, we continued on to camp at Mary Pool Rest Area (very popular place to spend the night as it was that busy it almost seemed we arrived at a caravan park).

Boab trees are scattered in the landscape
Nice yellow trees along the road

Geike Gorge (Eastern Wall)

Some logs left in between the rocks from the floods


A very persistent tree growing on the cliff wall

The light/dark rock mark is where the water
level comes up to during the wet season

Can you see Crocodile Rock?

Geike Gorge (Western Wall)

Crocodile sunbaking on the rocks

and another crocodile (aren't they cute?)

Geike Gorge

Turtle on the log, apparently they very rare
to spot as they are extremely shy

30 sec later the turtle has already disappeared
but we noticed a crocodile in the water 


Fitzroy River

Nice scenery whilst driving

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