The Beacon on Tamborine Tourist Park, QLD

Day 267 – 10th November 2011
The Beacon on Tamborine Tourist Park, QLD

Early morning we said goodbye to Alicia as she had a social commitment to attend. We packed up the van and filled up with water from Bill’s water tank in the backyard. Andrew was driving off the lawn when we heard a sound of something being dragged over the ground. We got out to discover that our water storage tank had come loose and was hitting the floor. Hmmm, not good. Some investigation under the car revealed 2 of the 4 rods supporting the tank had come loose. So we emptied the water tank (gave the lawn a good watering) and with a jack lifted it from the ground. A quick trip to the hardware store to buy some new rods along with some handiwork fixed the issue. We filled up the water tank again, said our goodbyes to Bill and were on our way. Thanks Alicia and Bill for letting us stay with you! We took the quick and easy way out of town to Beenleigh (M1 – Pacific Motorway to the Gold Coast) where we did some grocery shopping and filled up with fuel. Afterwards we took the winding road up to North Tamborine where we stopped at Cedar Creek National Park (part of Tamborine Mountain NP). We walked to the Falls Lookout and down to the rockpool where we had a swim and watched the local boys jumping into the pool from high up the rocks (900m return – 45min). Next we drove to The Beacon Lookout offering views over the mountains. On our way to the lookout we had seen a sign of a small camping ground so we decided to enquire and ended up spending the night there.

Bill, Alicia, Nele and Andrew

Water storage tank hitting the floor

The problem

Fixing the problem

Some handiwork

Well done, Andrew and Bill


Cedar Creek Falls and Rockpool, Mt Tamborine NP

Cedar Creek Falls

Local boys jumping from high up the rocks into the pool

Lovely drive

The Beacon Lookout

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