Green Mountains Campsite, Lamington National Park, QLD

Day 269 – 12th November 2011
Green Mountains Campsite, Lamington National Park, QLD

We got up early this morning and were walking by 7am. The 21.4km Border Track (following the QLD-NSW border) connects the Green Mountains and Binna Burra sections of Lamington NP. It is the backbone of the Lamington walking track system with most walks radiating from it. We started on the Border Track but soon veered off onto the Toolona Creek Circuit going past Picnic Rock, Elabana Falls, Chalahn Falls and Toolona Falls. On the way we saw a crayfish travelling from one creek to the other – very interesting. Back on the Border track we enjoyed many nice views from the various lookouts. Wanungara, Nyamulli, Merino and Toolona LO provide views of the Limpinwood Valley, Mt Warning and the Tweed Range. From Chakoonya and Beereenbano LO the Gold Coast can be seen with its many high-rise buildings. Merino Lookout is over half way to Binna Burra so we decided to turn back at that point. We walked back to the campsite via the Border Track. It was a big walking day with 26km return in 9h30. Andrew got some blisters on his heels as he is still wearing in his new hiking shoes. For dinner we had a dehydrated meal that we bought at the camping store as we want to try a couple out before our big Overland Track Hike in Tasmania which is booked for mid December. We tried a Thai Curry dish and it actually tasted very nice. 

Ready for a long walk in Lamington NP

Picnic Rock

Elabana Falls?

Slippery rocks

Elabana Falls!

Elabana Falls

Chalahn Falls


Toolona Falls

Trees covered in moss

Toolona Creek walk

Unnamed waterfall

The Border Track - one foot in QLD and one foot in NSW

View from Wanungara Lookout

View from Wanungara Lookout

View from Nyamulli Lookout

Taking care of the blisters

View from Chakoonya Lookout

View of the Gold Coast

View from Mt Merino

View from Toolona Lookout


Cute birdie

Cute wallaby

Bossy male brush turkey

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