Woolgoolga Beach Caravan Park, Woolgoolga, NSW

Day 277 – 20th November 2011
Woolgoolga Beach Caravan Park, Woolgoolga, NSW

We enjoyed another refreshing start to the day with a morning swim, before driving to Red Rock where we had breakfast. At Red Rock we had to swim across the Corindi River to be able to walk to the river mouth and reach the beach which is part of Yuraygir NP. It’s just amazing how crystal clear blue the water is. Before leaving town we had a quick look at the main beach next to the red rock to which the town has been named. Next we drove to Woolgoolga with stops at Arrawarra and Mullaway, 2 coastal towns surrounded by the Coffs Coast Regional Park. At Woolgoolga we took in the views of the town’s beaches from the lookout on top of Woolgoolga Headland. Afterwards we treated ourselves to a chai latte and scones for lunch/afternoon tea. Late afternoon Nele went for a swim and had fun catching the waves - it was a bit choppy as the wind was coming from the sea.

Breakfast with a view

Corindi River at Red Rock

Looking back at Red Rock after swimming across the river

Walking to the river mouth

Corindi River

Almost reached the river mouth and beach

Blue skies

Looking to Yuraygir NP

Looking to Red Rock

Long white sandy beach

Crystal blue water

Red Rock Beach

Red Rock Beach

Arrawarra Beach

Arrawarra Town

Mullaway Beach

Woolgoolga Lookout

Woolgoolga Beach

Nele going for a swim...

... and catching some waves

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