Brooms Head Caravan Park, Brooms Head, NSW

Day 275 – 18th November 2011
Brooms Head Caravan Park, Brooms Head, NSW

This morning we went for a stroll around Yamba. First we walked to the end of the Southern breakwater wall where we looked back to Iluka. We spotted a pot of dolphins and also a whale in the distance. Next we walked past ? Beach, climbed along the rocks to Main Beach and over the headland to neighbouring Pippi Beach. Back in town we had a pie for lunch from the award-winning bakery. Next we drove to Angourie, the first Surfing Reserve in Australia. We visited the Blue pool where Nele went for a swim and walked to Angourie Point to watch the surfers. Afterwards we drove to Brooms Head, a small coastal village. From the town’s lookout we had a look at the coastline before deciding to continue on to Sandon located in Yuraygir NP.  The campsite at Sandon however was pretty busy so we returned to Brooms Head where we checked in the caravan park. The remainder of the afternoon we relaxed on the beach and went for a swim.

Clarence River at Yamba

View to Iluka

Looking back to Southern breakwater wall

Yamba coastline

Yamba Main Beach

Yamba Lighthouse

Pippi Beach

Pippi Beach

Yamba Main Street

Having a pie for lunch

Spooky Beach

Blue pool, Angourie

Nele enjoying a swim

Andrew watching the waves crash on the rocks

Angourie Point

Angourie Beach

Brooms Head Lookout

Brooms River

Brooms Head Beach

Drive to Sandon River Campsite in Yuraygir NP

Drive along the Sandon River

Sandon Beach

Sandon Village on the other side of the inlet

Sandon River mouth

Sandon Beach

Brooms Head Beach

Brooms Head Caravan Park

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