Lakeside Holiday Park, Ballina, NSW

Day 272 – 15th November 2011
Lakeside Holiday Park, Ballina, NSW

This morning we drove to Byron Bay, described in the Lonely Planet as one of Australia’s best beach towns. We went for a walk along Main Beach and Clarkes Beach to The Pass, where we climbed up Fisherman’s LO to look back over the beach and watch the surfers. We continued on over the Cape Byron Headland to Watego’s Beach, Little Watego’s and finally arrived at the most Easterly Point of mainland Australia. After the compulsory photo shoot we climbed up to the Lighthouse where we enjoyed an ice cream and a nice view over Tallow Beach. Back at Main Beach we couldn’t resist the water any longer so went for a refreshing swim. After lunch we took a stroll along the main street to the visitor information centre. As it appeared we’d seen and done anything the town has to offer, we moved on along the coastal route to Lennox Head. We would agree with Lonely Planet that Byron Bay has a nice beach but it was getting very crowded along the beach and in town so we were glad to get out of there. At Lennox Head we had a look at Lake Ainsworth made brown by tannins from the tea trees along its banks, before admiring stunning Seven Mile Beach. Lennox Head looks more our cup of tea as not as busy as Byron Bay but still very nice. On our way again we stopped at Boulders Beach and Port Morton Lookout, before arriving at Ballina where we had a look at Shelly and Lighthouse Beach where Nele spotted a pot of dolphins cruising along.

Main Beach at Byron Bay


Clarkes Beach

View from Fisherman's Lookout

Watego's Beach


Nele pointing to the most easterly point of mainland Australia

Headland at Little Watego's Beach

We are standing at the most easterly point of mainland Australia

Waiting for the spot to go through

Byron Lighthouse

Tallow Beach

Tallow Beach

It's getting pretty crowded on the beach

Main Street at Byron Bay

Byron Bay

Wreck Beach (black spot in the ocean is the wreck)

Sand sculpture

Lake Ainsworth

Lake Ainsworth

Lennox Head Beach

Lennox Head

Seven Mile Beach

Lennox Head

Lennox Head

View to Lennox Head from Port Morton Lookout

View to the other side

On our way to Ballina

Lighthouse Beach, Ballina

Sharks? No, dolphins.

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