Green Mountains Campsite, Lamington National Park, QLD

Day 268 – 11th November 2011
Green Mountains Campsite, Lamington National Park, QLD

This morning we explored some more sections of the Tamborine Mountain NP. First we drove to The Knoll NP where we walked the Sandy Creek Circuit to Cameron Falls Lookout and enjoyed a close encounter with an echidna (2.6km loop – 1h). Next we visited Joalah NP with a short walk to Curtis Falls (1.5km return – 30min). We had lunch at the Panoramic Point section where we hoped to get a great view but didn’t end up seeing anything (hence why it was not listed in the local brochures but only mentioned on the QPWS website – we thought we would discover a hidden gem). Afterwards we left North Tamborine with a quick stop at Rotary Lookout and continued on to Canungra to get more info on Lamington NP at the visitor information centre. We decided to drive out to the Green Mountains section of Lamington NP as there is a national park’s campground there (the Binna Burra section only has a privately owned campsite so more expensive). It’s a very winding road with many blind curves and one-lane sections but the views are magnificent (even worth the drive for just a daytrip). We stopped at the Karmarun Lookout for a great photo opportunity before arriving at the campground and setting up camp.

At 11:11am on 11/11/11 we were in North Tamborine. Where were you?


Isn't he cute?


Sandy Creek Circuit

View from Cameron Falls Lookout

The Knoll Lookout

Walk to Curtis Falls

Curtis Falls

Rainforest in Joalah NP

North Tamborine

Rotary Lookout

Road to Canungra


Scenic drive to Lamington NP

Blind curves and one lane sections

Nice views

Karmarun Lookout

Karmarun Lookout

Great drive into Lamington NP


Green Mountains Campsite

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