Cairns Holiday Park, Carins, QLD

Day 198 – 2nd September 2011

Cairns Holiday Park, Carins, QLD

This morning we enjoyed a long sleep in. Nele was really excited to have breakfast as Sue had brought Belgian chocolate sprinkles (muizestrontjes) from Adelaide. Yummy! Next we went into Cairns and Andrew got a haircut after 4 months. Finally he can walk around without a hat again. We also had a look at hiking gear as we are thinking of doing some overnight hikes along the East Coast. In the afternoon we stayed at the caravan park and started updating the blog. Andrew’s mum was very kind and did all our laundry today in her own little washing machine in their motor home – thanks a million (it’s so handy to have parents around :-)). In the evening Sue and Gary took us out for a lovely dinner at ThaFish at the Cairns Marina precinct.

Mmm chocolate sprinkles

Small van and big van

Andrew getting a haircut

Wow who's this cute guy?

Enjoying a nice meal out with Andrew's parents

Nele's entree: fish and seafood ravioli

Gary's entree: abalone

Andrew and Sue's entree: fish soup
Cairns lagoon by night

Cairns city by night

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