Cairns Holiday Park, Carins, QLD

Day 214 – 18th September 2011
Cairns Holiday Park, Carins, QLD

This morning we left Cape Tribulation and took the ferry back to the Daintree. At Mossman we had lunch with Andrew's parents before saying goodbye as they were going to have a look around the Atherton Tablelands and we were returning to Cairns. Before driving into Cairns we stopped to have a look at Crystal Cascades. Back in Cairns it was time to start blogging again :-).

Daintree Ferry

Waiting for the Daintree Ferry

All aboard

Scenery - near Daintree River


Coastal Highway back to Cairns

Stop along the coastal highway

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades

Crystal Cascades

Fish - Crystal Cascades

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