Peninsula Caravan Park, Cooktown, QLD

Day 212 – 16th September 2011
Peninsula Caravan Park, Cooktown, QLD

This morning we climbed Mt Cook (6km return – 2h40) offering nice views of the surrounding area at the top. Next we visited the James Cook Museum and had Fish and Chips at the Captain Cook’s Landing Café at the wharf. After lunch we went for a drive to Hope Vale, a nearby Aboriginal town and onto Elim Beach known for its huge white sand dunes – from a distance you would think it is snow in the mountains. A drive along the beach took us to Coloured Sands, where the sand of the dunes ranges from white to yellow to orange and red. You can only drive on the beach at low tide and as we weren’t sure of the tide times and Andrew almost got us bogged we decided not to venture out too far and return before we had to face any crocodiles. On the drive back to Cooktown we visited the Isabella and Endeavour Falls. After a quick shower we went out for tea again at The Italian and treated ourselves to a very yummy pizza. We crashed on the cabin floor again and had a good, uninterrupted sleep – our camping matts are pretty comfortable wherever we put them down.

Mt Cook - our destination

Some rock jumping was involved

Hard to see but there is a tree snake in this picture
(and a big grass hopper I accidently photographed as well)

View from lookout platform

Spider ... big spider

And up we go

We all made it to the top

Amazing views at the top

Amazing views at the top

Mt Cook summit with weather station

Going back down

James Cook Museum

The real anchor of the Endeavour

Nice views from the old convent school, now the museum

Seagull trying to score some chips from our lunch


White sand dunes

Is that snow on the mountains?

Coloured sands

Will we drive on Elim Beach?

The sand is getting a bit deep here

Light orange sand

Ranging form white to red sand

Orange/red sand

A smooth drive back

View from Elim Beach

Huge sand dunes

Scenic drive

Isabella Falls


Endeavour Falls

Endeavour Falls


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