Cape Tribulation Camping, QLD

Day 207 – 11th September 2011
Cape Tribulation Camping, QLD

This morning Nele, Andrew and Gary did the Mt Sorrow climb. Sue unfortunately had to stay behind as she wasn’t feeling too well – there’s a bug going around which Sue and Gary already experienced on their drive up to Cairns, hit Andrew as well in Cairns and got to Sue again in the last couple of days. So far Nele has been untouched so let’s hope it stays this way. The walk to the summit was pretty steep but the views at the top were rewarding. We had lunch before returning to the car (7km return – 4h30 – 680m climb). In the afternoon we relaxed at the caravan park and went for a walk along the beach.

Ready for the climb!

Our destination Mt Sorrow behind the trees

Lace monitor

Drink stop

It's a steep climb

We made it!

Great view at the summit - one way

Great view at the summit - the other way

Blue sea

Nice flowers

Tree gliding on the way down

Steep way up means steep way down

Evening walk on the beach


Master chefs at work

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