Upper Davies Creek Campsite, Dinden National Park, QLD

Day 196 – 31st August 2011
Upper Davies Creek Campsite, Dinden National Park, QLD

After breakfast we did the Kahlpahlim Rock Circuit walk. We left early as it was supposed to be a full day’s walk, but we ended up doing it a lot quicker (12.3km loop – 5h20 – 615m climb).  A ridge trail took us via massive granite boulders to Lambs Head, the highest point on the Lamb Range (1,300m ASL). The view at the top was magnificent … not … we were in the clouds so we missed the spectacular view of Cairns and Lake Morris. It even started raining at the top so we decided it wasn’t even worth waiting to see if it would clear. Although we missed out on the view we enjoyed this challenging walk very much. We’ll just have to do it again next time. In the afternoon we relaxed at the campsite. Andrew cleaned the van and Nele read up about all the things to see and do north of Cairns. In the evening Nele found another tick on her arm, they sure do love her!

Ready for another walk

Up we go again

Nice flowers

Are we almost there?

There are some huge boulders scattered around

A  bit of a view

Hopefully there won't be any clouds when we get to the top

Mmmm it's getting very misty

Can't even see the top of the tower

A beautiful view at the top

Going down again

Huge boulders, small Nele

Into the forest again

Andrew washing the van

Removing the tick

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