Leichhardt River, QLD (64km E of Gregory Downs)

Day 186 – 21st August 2011
Leichhardt River, QLD (64km E of Gregory Downs)

After breakfast we explored the Western end of the park and walked via Duwadarri Lookout and Indarri Falls to the Upper Gorge Lookout (6km loop – 2h45). Nice walk along the gorge rim offering good views into the gorge. Back from the walk we went for another swim and decided to continue on after lunch even tough we had booked for another night. Tomorrow night we would like to stay at Karumba, which is a 500km drive of which 100km unsealed so if the road into the park was any indication of the road condition then we would be in for a bit of a laugh trying to do it in 1 day. But luckily the road improved after 20km and gradually got better towards Gregory Downs. So after fuelling up here we decided to travel a bit further to a camp spot along the Leichhardt River. This place feels pretty remote, nearest town is Gregory Downs and all we saw on the way is bush and farmland. 

Duwadarri Lookout
View of Middle Gorge

View of Middle Gorge

Indarri Falls Lookout

Indarri Falls

Another nice view

View of Upper Gorge

Upper Gorge Lookout

Upper Gorge Lookout

Walk back to the campsite
Dust hazard warning ...

... for when one of these guys approaches


Gregory Downs

It's Sunday so the truckies are enjoying a break

Cows on the highway

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