Miyumba Bush Camp, Boodjamulla NP, QLD

Day 183 – 18th August 2011
Miyumba Bush Camp, Boodjamulla NP, QLD

As our next campsite isn’t booked till tomorrow night and it’s fully booked for tonight, we can’t go any earlier and have to spend another night at the bush camp. So after brekky we walked to the nearby Gregory River and went for a little stroll (jungle walk) along the river.  Back at the van Nele pulled out the puzzle she started earlier on our trip and puzzled most of the day. Andrew played his guitar for a while but soon joined in the puzzling. After lunch we went for a drive to the Riversleigh World Heritage Fossil Site. The interpretive centre and walking trail (800m loop – 30min) informed us on the fossils found of animals such as crocodiles, ? Bird living in an ancient world dating back 25 million years. On the way back to the campsite we saw a whirly wind that luckily passed us with no issues. We almost finished the puzzle.

Gregory River

Andrew playing guitar, Nele puzzling

Strart of the puzzle

Riversleigh Fossil Site

Riversleigh Fossil Site - bone of a Big Bird

Riversleigh Fossil Site - Big Bird

Riversleigh Fossil Site - scenery

Nele and Andrew puzzling

End of puzzling day 1

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