Cape Tribulation Camping, QLD

Day 209 – 13th September 2011
Cape Tribulation Camping, QLD

After a late breakfast we went for a leisurely stroll along Myall Beach to Cape Tribulation Beach and Kulki Lookout (4km return – 2h20). In 1770 Captain Cook sailed the Endeavour up the east coast making a chart of the coastline. He struck a reef 40km NE of the Cape, now called Endeavour Reef, then named the point he had charted earlier in the day ‘Cape Tribulation, because this is where all his troubles began’. Along the beach Andrew looked for some coconuts and finally found 2 that seemed okay. So back at the campground we made good use of the coconut spiker and enjoyed fresh coconut for dessert. We all enjoyed spending the remainder of the day reading a book. This is paradise for relaxing!

A deserted Myall Beach

Walking to Cape Tribulation

Sue and Gary on the beach

Another coconut tree

Andrew looking for a coconut

One bar is enough to make a phone call even on a deserted beach

Checking if there is anything in the coconut

Or maybe climb the coconut tree and pick one?

Hmmm a bit too high

The hills beyond

It's a long beach

Shoes off to cross the creek

Sue looking for seashells


Putting shoes back on

Bush turkey

Orange footed scrub fowl

Cape Tribulation Beach

View from Kulki Lookout


Cape Tribulation

Walking back

Found 2 coconuts

Nele on the rope swing

Spiking the coconut

Full force is needed

2 smiley faces

Fresh coconut juice
Cracking the coconut

Yummy fresh coconut

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