Alexandra Bridge Camp Ground, WA

Day 44 – 1st April 2011
Alexandra Bridge Camp Ground, WA

Decided to double back to Manjimup and have a look at the 4 aces (4 Karri trees perfectly aligned in a straight line), Glenoran Pool, One Tree Bridge along the way.  Had a quick look around Manjimup and headed onto Bridgetown.  Here we visited the lollie shop (to Nele delight), walked through the town and had a look at the Jigsaw Museum (interesting in an odd way)

From here we drove back through Nannup on our way to Augusta but stopped in Alexandra Bridge Camp ground (about 26m out of Augusta).  Great spot on the Blackwood River, the camp site is located right in a hairpin bend in the river.

Leaving Greens Pool campground

4 Aces

One tree bridge



Lollie shop


Jigsaw gallery in Bridgetown Visitors Info Centre

Blackwood River at Alexandra Bridge

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