Hamersley Inlet, Fitzgerald River National Park, Wa

Day 28 – 16th Mar 2011
Hamersley Inlet, Fitzgerald River National Park, Wa

Hopetoun - splashed out on a chai latte & veggie juice  -  Had a look at 2, 5 & 12 Mile Beach along the scenic drive ‘Southern Ocean Road’ just out of Hopetoun.
Ravensthorpe – kissed at the Meridian

Fitzgerald River NP – Hamersley Road Scenic Drive – very corrugated for 60km – 2 hours later we arrived, van still intact.  Met a young couple from Perth travelling through,  we were the only people at the campsite.  I’m glad they were there it was a bit drizzly and overcast and the place had an eerie feel about it.  We shared a plate of chicken wings and a bottle of wine – nice evening.

We found there was not a lot to do in FRNP, maybe because it was a bit wet and most places within the park you needed 4wd, Caravans are not allowed in the Park.

Hopetoun beach

Hamersley Inlet

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