Fishery Beach Carpark, Bremer Bay, WA

Day 29 – 17th Mar 2011
Fishery Beach Carpark, Bremer Bay, WA

Decided to leave eastern part of Fitzgerald River NP as it was raining. Visited western part of National Park via Quiss Rd to climb West Mt Barren. Planned to go to Pt Anne but too corrugated so decided not to. Were lucky at the top of mountain to get a bit of clearing weather so we had a bit of a view of the surroundings. (1hr return)  Drove onto Bremer Bay via Murray and Swamp road (dirt roads, not bad).  By the time we arrived in Bremer Bay the van was covered in red dirt along with our bikes. Found a tap hooked in our hose and gave the van a wash while Nele was on the lookout, don’t think it was completely kosher but we were told we could fill up our water supplies there.

Had a look around Bremer Bay via the scenic drive, saw some nice beaches (Fishery Beach, Short Beach, Little Boat Harbour, Blossoms Beach, Native Dog Beach, Tooleburrup Hill Lookout, Town Beach and Jetty)

Found a quiet secluded carpark at Fisheries Beach where we spent the night.

Corrugated road in Fitzgerald River NP

Top of West Mt Barren

Top of West Mt Barren

West Mt Barren


Bremer Bay
Fishery Beach

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