Parry Beach Campground, WA (between Denmark & Walpole)

Day 37 – 25th Mar 2011
Parry Beach Campground, WA (between Denmark & Walpole) 

Had breaky with David and Julie and decided to move, thanks David and Julie for your hospitality and friendship we had a great time. 

We took the scenic drive along Scotsdale & McLeod road which showed more of the Karri Trees and forest surrounding Denmark, a nice drive to do. Whilst in Denmark we had to take a dip at Greens Pool in William Bay NP along with a walk to Elephant Rocks & Cove (10 mins).  Well worth a visit to Greens Pools and take a dip and just relax for the arvo.

From here we drove on towards Parry Beach Campground where we camped for the night (very popular spot).


Denmark River

Nele in Denmark

Greens Pool, William Bay NP

Elephant Cove

Elephant Rocks

Greens Pool

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