Big Brook Arboretum Campground, Pemberton, WA

Day 41 – 29th Mar 2011
Big Brook Arboretum Campground, Pemberton, WA

Walked the Warren River Loop Walk where we visited the Bicentennial Tree which we climbed, it was a 75m climb straight up via reo bars cast into the trunk of the tree which rapped it’s way up and around like a circular staircase, not for the faint hearted.  It was a bit windy up top in the canopy where they had built a cubby house like structure (the tree was used as a look out for bushfires).  Definitely worth doing if you get the chance (allow 30mins return to climb the tree).  The walk in total took 3hr 30mins – 10.5km.

Decided to climb another tree, called the ‘Gloucester Tree’ (64m climb), we got here via the Karri Forest Explorer Drive.  From here we drove on and camped at Big Brook Arboretum campground.

Warren River

Warren River

John Evans Bicentennial Tree

Treetop Lookout

It's a long way down - 75m

Warren River


Railway track near the Cascades, Gloucester NP

Gloucester Tree

Tree climbing

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