Yeo & Ling’s Place, South Perth, WA

Day 64 – 21st April 2011
Yeo & Ling’s Place, South Perth, WA

We booked our van in for a service (135,000kms – we’ve driven 7,500km so far!) so we dropped it of early morning. We took the bikes on the train to Perth city where we had a wonderful breakfast in this French Bakery ‘Jean Pierre Sancho’  on Hay Street. Afterwards we walked around in the mall and had lunch at Secret Garden tucked in a backstreet between Hay Street and Murray Street (hmm, Nele ate a yummy frittata and Andrew a fetta and beetroot wrap). For dinner Yeo and Ling took us to their favourite Chinese restaurant ‘Chi’ on Albany Highway, Victoria Park. Great food! Had the opportunity to stay at Yeo and Ling’s again tonight.

Lunch at Secret Garden, Perth


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