Fernhook Falls, Mt Frankland NP South

Day 39 – 27th Mar 2011
Fernhook Falls, Mt Frankland NP South

Early morning swim at Coalmine Beach to wake us up and we were on our way via the ‘Knoll Scenic Drive’ to Mt Clare. Hiked Mt Clare (190m climb – 1 hr return), visited Sandy Beach, old sawpit, Hilltop Lookout, the Giant Tingle Tree & Circular Pool.  Hiked Mt Frankland (45min return – 25min to top) where we were rewarded with a beautiful view of the area. Finished the day by driving to Fernhook Falls to camp with a swim in Rowell’s natural pool.

Sunrise at Coalmine Beach

View from Hilltop Lookout

Sandy Beach

Old Sawpit

Giant Tingle Tree

Circular Pool

View from top of Mt Frankland

Top of Mt Frankland

Rowell's Pool, Mt Frankland NP South

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