Ninety Mile Sign Camping (between Caiguna & Balladonia), WA

Day 17 – 5th Mar 2011
Ninety Mile Sign Camping (between Caiguna & Balladonia), WA

Well our friend turned out to be a small mouse as we woke up to a half chewed dishcloth and bread.  This was confirmed when we heard the little bugger running around in the roof space.  Next stop bunnings for a mouse trap.

Great Australian Bight Lookouts
SA / WA Border – quarantine check (forgot to throw out the cucumber) / Kangaroo statue (Rooey II)
Eucla – old telegraph station ruin / walked to the beach from the station (within the Eucla NP)
Madura Pass – Lookout over Roe Plains
Caiguna – Australia longest Straight Road (145km) – this is where we started our Audio books to keep us awake.

A mouse in the house?
SA / WA border - Rooey II

SA / WA border

Eucla old telegraph ruin

Eucla beach

Mandura Pass - Roe Plains

90 Mile Straight
A straight road

90 Mile Straight Western Campsite

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