Bathers Paradise Caravan Park, Esperance, WA

Day 18 – 6th Mar 2011
Bathers Paradise Caravan Park, Esperance, WA

Balladonia – Balladonia history museum – interesting in an odd kind of way,  the area is known for a US satellite crashing in the area, you’ll see parts of the satellite displayed in the museum.

Fraser Range Station

Norseman – climbed Mt Jimberlana (30mins return).  Statue of Norseman the Horse to whom the town is named. Tin Camels, Dundas Rocks

Esperance – had a walk through the town – nice town.  Set up camp with the tens and net at the caravan park and headed down the beach for a swim

Well the mouse is still giving us grief, still haven’t caught it, although we nearly did when we found it rummaging around in the utensils draw.  When we opened it, it run out and ran back in through another cupboard door which was open, bugger

Balladonia history museum

Balladonia history museum

Mt Jimberlana


Dundas Rocks

Esperance beach

Esperance Bathers Paradise Caravan Park

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