Gracetown Caravan Park, WA

Day 52 – 9th April 2011
Gracetown Caravan Park, WA

Visited the Farmers Market in Margaret River (held twice a month) and bought a nice French baguette, tomatoes, apples, homemade lamb sausages (pure meat) and enjoyed a healthy vegetable juice (with lots of ginger). 

Drove to Gracetown and visited the lookout (good views of the town and bay), Huzzas Beach where we had lunch and walked to a nearby surfers beach, Huzzawulee to watch the locals catch a few waves.  From here we headed back to Gracetown Bay for a swim and then drove onto South Point, yet another surfers beach where we counted at least 50 surfers enjoying the waves. Watched a beautiful sunset before setting up camp at the caravan park. Nele went to watch the Saturday night’s movie under the stars “Conspicuous me”, while Andrew enjoyed his own movie in the van. We can really recommend this caravan park as it has more of a national park campground feel than a typical caravan park feel, yet it has all the facilities you need.

Kookaburra - Cane Break Pools Campsite

Farmers Market - Margaret River


Gracetown Lookout

Scary Forest

Huzzawulee Beach (surfers beach)

Huzzawulee Beach

South Point (zoom in and count the surfers)

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