Baden Powell Campsite, Lane Poole Reserve, WA (near Dwellingup)

Day 59 – 16th April 2011
Baden Powell Campsite, Lane Poole Reserve, WA (near Dwellingup)

Started the day with a short walk to Martins Tank Lake (nothing special) and decided to move onto Mandurah and visited the Thrombolites at Lake Clifton along the way.  Decided to bike our way around Mandurah (Venetian Canals, marina, town beach – had a swim, eastern forshore, old Mandurah Bridge, War Memorial.  Drove onto Dwellingup where we caught up with some distant relatives (5th cousins) Robin & Phil.  They showed us the Nanga Bushcamp they run and own which was really interesting to see.  The camp is able to cater for large groups and even weddings – great spot for weddings as the venue and accommodation are all in one.  Camped at Baden Powell for the night – a very popular spot in an open forest environment.

Martins Tank Lake


Mandurah - Venetian Canals

Mandurah - Marina

Nanga Bush Camp - Robin and Phil 

Baden Powell campsite, Lane Poole Reserve

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