Coalmine Beach Carpark, Walpole, WA

Day 38 – 26th Mar 2011
Coalmine Beach Carpark, Walpole, WA

Started the day early and drove to the ‘Valley of the Giants’ where we did the tree top walk through the tingle trees (3rd largest tree in the world).  We also did the guided Ancient Empire Walk (free) which was very well worth while, the guide told us some really interesting information about the forest and trees.

From here we moved onto Conspicuous Cliffs (lookout) for a look at the rugged coastal views.  We finished the day with a swim at Coalmine Beach where we camped in the carpark for the night.  Some backpackers slept on the beach that night with only a rug, it would have been very cold.

Tree Top Walk, Valley of the Giants

Tree Top Walk

Tree Top Walk

Tingle Trees

Ancient Empire Walk, large Karri tree

Conspicuous Cliffs

Pelicans at Coalmine Beach, Walpole

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