The Bend Campsite, Coen, QLD

Day 220 – 24th September 2011
The Bend Campsite, Coen, QLD

This morning we left Cape Melville NP. On the way out we had to pull out a car that got bogged in the sandy part. Luckily we didn't have any issues getting back to the main road. We had lunch at Kalpowar Crossing before having a look at White and Red Lily Lagoon in Lakefield NP. We filled up with fuel at Musgrave Roadhouse and continued on to Coen. The NDR became very corrugated with sandy bits so attention to the road is necessary when driving. We had a quick look around in Coen and moved onto our campsite for the night, a creek bed 3K north of Coen – a very nice free camping spot where you can camp on the dry sandy areas of the creek bed, have a swim (no crocs here) and sit back in front of a nice fire if you can be bothered.  We arrived a little late for this as it was a long day of driving but hope to enjoy the campsite a little more on our way back down.

Here we go a slow drive out of Cape Melville
Scenery along the 4WD track
4WD track
Scenery along the 4WD track
here we go again
......and again
One of many little alternative bypasses - always take the easy road
It's getting sandy.....
......someone had to get bogged
Helping our fellow campers out - always carry recovery equipment
Try again....and they make it
Another bogged camper - letting the tyres down
Travelling on again
We're out of the sandy stuff - recent burn-offs
Scenery - nearly there
ruins of 'Old Laura Homestead'
Back on the main road back to Kalpowar Crossing
Back over the log bridge
Normandy River - Kalpowar Crossing
White Lily Lagoon
Magpie Geese....typical position....heads down bums up
Magpie Geese
Red Lily Lagoon
Red Lily Lagoon
Scenery - driving towards Musgrave
Scenery - hundreds of termite mounds
Musgrave Roadhouse
Back on the NDR towards Coen - getting sandy and corrugated
Scenery - thankfully there are substantial sections of the NDR which are like bitumen
Exchange Hotel - Coen (notice the hotel signage on the roof)
Woohoo :-)....brief moments of relief from the dirt
Bend Campsite - 3km north of Coen

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