Tim’s Place, Coral Cove, QLD

Day 256 – 30th October 2011
Tim’s Place, Coral Cove, QLD

This morning Tim took us out fishing. We drove to Riverview to launch the boat in the Elliott River and off we went. We weren’t too lucky but in the end we caught a big stingray, a shovelnose shark, a flathead, a silver fish of which the name remains unknown and a stingray in one of the crab nets (unfortunately no crabs). We let them all go so they are happy fish in the sea again. Also one big fish got away with Andrew’s bait taking the hook with him as well. Thanks Tim for inviting us along and letting us stay at your place! In the afternoon we relaxed at the house with some nibbles and a Belgian beer. Tim put some bird seeds out so Nele was able to get a lot of good shots... taking photos of course :-)

Launching the boat

Is this Andrew or a chinaman?

Elliott River

Fishing rods are ready to catch some fish

Fisherman Andrew

Big stingray...

... broke the line and went swimming with the hook

Elliott Heads sandbank

Small stingray in crab net

Local kids snorkelling whilst dad is fishing

Who's the cutest?

Andrew and Tim

Tim caught a flathead

Isn't this paradise?

Gone fishing

Mouth of Elliott River

Elliott River
View of the sea in the distance from Tim's place

Rainbow Lorikeets

Rainbow Lorikeet

Colourful bird

Top notch pigeon




Enjoying a Belgian beer

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